Cham V. Mac * , Ha V. H. La , & Thang V. Giang

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The effects of phytohormones and positions on mother stem on shooting rate, number of shoots per cut, foot diameter of shoots, height of shoots, rooting rate, average number and length of roots by culm cuttings of Thyrsostachys siamensisGamble Nam Bo were investigated. In this study, the phy-tohormones used were NAA, IBA and HVP. Cuttings were taken in three positions: near the root (V1), between the stem (V2) and near the tops (V3). The experiment was ar-ranged randomly with 3 replications, with 36 culm cuttings per treatment. The results showed that the groups treated with NAA had highest shooting rate (91.7%) and highest number of shoots per cut (3.39 shoots/cut). The phytohor-mones did not significantly affect the foot diameter of the shoots but the height of the shoots. The NAA gave high-est rooting rate (87.04%) and highest number of roots (8.5 roots/cuttings). The positions on mother stems did not sig-nificantly affect the shooting rate, but they significantly af-fected the number of shoots per cut. The foot diameter of the shoots, the height of the shoots, the rooting rate and the average root length of the cuttings taken between the stems were greater than those of near the root and near the top. In addition, the highest number of roots was observed when cuttings were taken at near the root.

Keywords: Culm cuttings, Phytohormones, Position on mother stem, Thyrsostachys siamensisGamble Nam Bo

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