Vinh Truong * , Vy T. Truong , Tu T. C. Ho , Dat Q. Nguyen , & Thuy T. T. Nguyen

* Correspondence: Truong Vinh (email:

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Chlorella vulgaris was cultured in chemostat mode and harvested on a semi-continuous basic with 50% of broth volume every two days, giving the highest biomass yield. The flocculation efficiency of microalgae using chitosan depended on dose use, quality of chitosan such as degree of deacetylation (DD) and solubility. The flocculation efficiency was 99% after 30 minute, and 95% after 10 minute for DD of 87% and 89.8%, respectively. Chlorella vulgaris grown in 500 liter-tubular photobioreactor using Basal medium was harvested semi-continuously by three washing times in 2% acetic acid following chitosan flocculation to obtain clean biomass with lower 2% chitosan content (w/w). Analysis of physicochemical composition of algal biomass showed no heavy metal, reaching microbiological criteria, containing outstanding natural nutrients such as protein, lipid, chlorophyll superior to some other food materials. These nutrients are the essential components for human body, suitable for functional food application.

Keywords: Chitosan, Chlorella vulgaris, Flocculation, Functional food, Photobioreactor

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