Tung T. Nguyen * , Thang D. Nguyen , Long Hoang , Mai T. T. Nguyen , Thoa T. Pham , Ton T. Dam , Kim Hoang , Zheng Tian-Qing , & Li Zhikang

* Correspondence: Nguyen Trong Tung (email: trongtungpy@yahoo.com)

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It’s very important and urgent to select the green super rice (GSR) vari-ety which can adapt to climate changes in Vietnam. Phu Yen rice is the main granary of the South Central Coast, with the area of two-crop rice of nearly 52,000 ha. The production of high-productivity, good-quality and climate-smart rice to make the high-quality rice brand for Phu Yen is very urgent and important. The project "Selection of Green Su-per Rice (GSR) variety of high-productivity, good-quality and climate condition adaptation in Phu Yen Province" implemented by Phu Yen Center for Plant Breeding and Technology. The contents of the study included: basic experiment, production experiment, establishment of demonstration models of trial production of two new rice varieties, se-lection and experiment for development of rice cultivation techniques for Tuy Hoa delta area. This report presents part 1: Results of basic experiment of the green super rice (GSR) variety in Phu Yen province. The basic experimental materials included 12 selected rice varieties and 9 green super rice varieties GSR36, GSR38, GSR54, GSR63, GSR90, GSR84, GSR89, GSR90 and GSR131 and two promising rice varieties Nam Uu 1241, Nam Uu 1245 and ML 48, known as the most common control rice variety in the locality. The study focused on six formal experiments implemented over three crops (winter - spring crop-2015, summer - august crop 2015 and winter - spring crop 2015-2016) in the intensive cultivation area, Hoa An Agricultural Variety Farm and Hoa Dong Agricultural Variety Farm, Phu Yen Province. Experimental method was implemented in accordance with National Technical Regulation QCVN 01-55: 2011/BNNPTNT Experiment on value of cultivation and use value of rice varieties. The six basic experiments over three crops contributed to the selection of 4 GSR65, GSR90, GSR38, Nam Uu 1245 rice varieties with high-productivity, good-quality, good agrobiological features, short growth time (A1), low pest infestation for production experiment and construction of demonstration model in farming field in Phu Yen province.

Keywords: Adaptation to climate change, Green Super Rice, Intensive farming, Phu Yen, Rice selection

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