Hoang T. Nguyen * , Tam T. M. Pham , Thuan T. Q. Nguyen , & Trang T. N. Nguyen

* Correspondence: Nguyen Thi Hoang (email: dosthoang@gmail.com)

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Water dropwort is an aquatic perennial plant of the Apiaceae family and is a wild vegetable originating in the tropics of Asia. The plant prefers moist soil and growing in partial shading 60 - 70% conditions. The two factor experiments were arranged in randomized complete design (RCD) with three replications. Factor A was four planting spaces (4 × 2 cm; 4 × 3 cm; 4 × 4 cm and 4 × 5 cm). Factor B was frequency of aeration (every two days; every four days and every six days). Results showed that water dropwort planted in watercress nutritious solution at different planting spaces and frequency of aeration had no statistically significant effect on height, number of leaves/plant, average plant weight as well as quality indicators. However, water dropwort planted in watercress nutritious solution with 4×2 cm spacing and aerating for highest theoretical yield, actual yield and commercial yield are 3,408 kg/1,000 m2; 2,504 kg/1,000 m2and 1,979 kg/1,000 m2.

Keywords: Aeration, Hydroponic, Planting space, Water dropwort

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