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Postharvest orange fruit coating is an effective method toreplace natural waxes which lost during washing and handling.The coatings can reduce water loss and impart gloss to the fruit.In this study, the oranges were stored at room temperature(30±20C) with five coating materials: polyethylene (PE), andpolypropylene (PP) bags, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film, CitraShine preservatives and 1% chitosan and the control were used.Some typical nutritional values and weight loss were determinedduring storage time. Research results show that PVC coated‘Sanh’ oranges could be prolonged their shelf life up to 25 dayswith low damage ratios (7.10%, lower than other bags) whichwere acceptable in appearance with green peel color. Ascorbicacid content still maintained at a high level (12.32 mg/100 g),and weight loss relatively low (13.91%). Moreover, pH (3.77) andTSS (9.70) values did not significantly change during storagetime.

Keywords: Coating, PVC, ‘Sanh’ orange, TSS, Weight loss

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