Phuong Nguyen * , Thanh N. Nguyen , Tuong T. N. Nguyen , Thanh T. T. Nguyen , Van T. H. Duong , Truong Q. Vu , & Hung N. Pham

* Correspondence: Nguyen Phuong (email:

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The objective of this study was to create new F1 cucumber varieties that would meet the demands of the regional market, in term of higher yield and reasonable cost. The study was conducted using 8 hybrid combinations: C2 x C44; C4 x C37; C12 x C44; C20 x C40; C31 x C44; C35 x C44; C41 x C52; C44 x C52 and a control variety Hunter 1.0. The growth time of hybrid combinations ranged from 64.3 to 66.7 days after sowing. The yield of the hybrid combinations ranged from 37.2 to 39.8 tons/ha. The hybrid combinations C20 x C40; C31 x C44, and C44 x C52 had a higher yield than Hunter 1.0 control. The fruit was from 17.9 to 19.7 cm long and the average weight per fruit was 156.7 - 193.3 g. The fruit flesh hardness of the hybrid combinations ranged from 30.9 to 32.0 lbf and was equal to or higher than that of the control variety.

Keywords: Cucumber breeding, Hybrid combinations, Lines, Yield

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