Tuan Q. Le * , Han T. N. Le , & Quy N. Le

* Correspondence: Le Quoc Tuan (email: quoctuan@hcmuaf.edu.vn)

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Ia Grai district is located in the remote area of Gia Lai province. The income mostly relies on agricultural activities. However, the water shortage for agriculture is an issue and the irrigation much relies on the seasonal rainfall. This study aimed to figure out the demand for water use and other sources of water for irrigation. Household interview, water quality testing and field survey were conducted at 3 communes: Ia Kha, Ia Hrung and Ia To due to their largest agricultural area. The results showed that surface water had good quality; groundwater was polluted by microorganism but in the acceptable levels. All the water indicators met the national standard for the domestic purpose (column A1) and for agricultural irrigation (QCVN 39:2011/BTNMT). Based on the current demand for water use, the amount of water needs in 2020 was estimated as well as the solutions for water management and protection was also proposed for Ia Grai district.

Keywords: Agriculture, Ia Grai district, Water source, Water quality

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