T. L. Nguyen * , & Huy V. Ha

* Correspondence: Nguyen Thi Loan (email: ntloan@vnua.edu.vn)

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The objective of the experiment was to evaluate effects of organic fertilizer levels and spray rates of organic solution on tomato yield. A 4 x 3 factorial field experiment arranged in a randomized complete block design was conducted in Spring - Summer season 2018 at the experimental site of Faculty of Agronomy (Vietnam National University of Agriculture). The two factors included (1) organic fertilizer rates with four levels (0, 11, 13.5, & 16 tons/ha) and (2) sprayed concentration of HB101 organic solution with three levels (0, 0.15, & 0.3 mL/L). The amount of water used for 1 ha was 10,000 L. The experimental results showed that increased amounts of organic fertilizer and HB101 solution doses positively increased the number of flowers per inflorescence, number of inflorescences per plant, number of fruits per plant, average weight of fruit, and tomato yield. Meanwhile, combinations of 16 tons/ha of organic fertilizer and HB101 solution at the concentrations of 0.3 mL/L and 0.15 mL/L gave the highest tomato yield with 44.0 tons/ha and 42.6 tons/ha, respectively. The highest profit margin obtained with the treatment of non–application of organic sources was 3.8. However, the highest economic profit was obtained with the treatment of 16 tons/ha of organic fertilizer combined with 0.15 mL/L HB101.

Keywords: HB101 solution, Organic fertilizer, Organic source levels, Tomato, Tomato yield

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