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The objectives of the study were to determine the optimum application rates of nitrogen and potassium for good growth, high yield and economic efficiency of garlic cultivated on the sandy soil of Ninh Thuan province in Winter-Spring season 2018 - 2019. The experiment was laid out in strip-plot design with three replications. Vertical-strip plot factor (A) was four application rates of nitrogen (A1: 150; A2: 200; A3: 250, and A4: 300 kg N/ha). Horizontal-strip plot factor (B) was for three application rates of potassium (B1: 90; B2: 120, and B3: 150 kg K2O/ha). The study results showed that the combined application of 200 kg N/ha and 120 kg K2O/ha on the base of 80 kg P2O5 and 20 tons of cow manure resulted in higher plant height (58.2 cm), number of leaves (8.7 leaves/plant), the highest diameter of garlic bulb (3.5 cm), the highest average bulb weight (15.8 g/bulb) with a total of 17.1 cloves/bulb, the high commercial garlic bulb yield (13.42 tons/ha), and the highest profit (373,665,800 VND/ha/crop) with the profit margin was 2.15.

Keywords: Garlic (Allium sativum L.), Nitrogen, Potassium, Rates, Sandy soil

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