Chinh T. Nguyen * , & Chuong V. Nguyen

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Previous research has shown that soil and crops in Quoc Thai commune, An Phu district, An Giang province are severely contaminated with arsenic. The objectives of the experiment were (1) to evaluate effects of lime and sawdust on water pH and arsenic content in soil and 2) to determine effects of lime and sawdust on arsenic uptake by corn. The experiment was carried out in the field on the inside of the dyke with 4 treatments and 4 replications. The results showed that the treatment of lime combined with sawdust increased water pH and arsenic content in soil. The arsenic content in stems and leaves (95.3 mg/kg) and in seeds (6.33 mg/kg) of the maize was lower than that of the control by 31.9% and 49.4%, respectively. In brief, the use of lime in combination with sawdust to fertilize plants increased the water pH and arsenic content in the soil, while reducing the arsenic content in plants.

Keywords: Arsenic (As), Lime, Maize, Quoc Thai commune soil, Sawdust

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