Tien D. Mai * , Thuy T. T. Nguyen , & Tinh Nguyen

* Correspondence: Mai Dang Tien (email: tien.maidang@hcmuaf.edu.vn)

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This study explores the factors of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for employees affecting organizational commitment, and then measures the impact of CSR for employees to organizational commitment. The study was conducted by surveying 200 employees working for companies in Ho Chi Minh City. The results of the correlation analysis show that CSR for employees influences the organizational commitment. In addition, the regression analysis shows that more specific results such as job autonomy, benefits (the most influential factor) have positive impacts on “affective commitment” of Vietnamese employees. For “continuance commitment”, besides job autonomy, benefits, the factor "training and development" also shows a positive influence. Meanwhile, the factors related to health and safety, the balance between job and life are not as effective as those in other countries.

Keywords: Employees, Organizational commitment, Social responsibility

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