Luan D. Tran * , Tho N. Vo , & Giang T. Tran

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This paper used the qualitative research, based on the analysis of multi-dimensional information from stakeholders to investigate the seed-corn production activity by the contracted farming at Phuoc Tan commune, Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province. The results showed that Thailand CP Company supported the farmers by sponsoring the seeding cost, providing technical support in production and buying the products. Farmers who participated in seed-corn production had a significantly higher income compared to those of other crops. In the collaboration contract, the company had terms and conditions to reserve its monopoly seed-corn product. Therefore, most of the farmers complied with the agreement of not selling the products to outsiders. The descriptive statistic data, using Likert scale, also showed that the farmers had a fairly high levels of satisfaction. This study also found that the better the market capacity of a company was, the higher the scale and sustainability of cooperative activities from farmers in Phuoc Tan commune was.

Keywords: Contract farming, Enterprises and farmers linkage, Household farming economy, Seed-corn, Stakeholders

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