Tuyen T. X. Vo * , Tan D. Nguyen , & Thuy M. Nguyen

* Correspondence: Vo Thi Xuan Tuyen (email: vtxtuyen@agu.edu.vn)

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The study was carried out to investigate the effect of 4 levels of nitrogen fertilizer (10, 15, 20 and 25 kg urea/1000 m2) applied on the color of leaves (chlorophyll index SPAD and the red-purple color by a* value in Hunter’ color system), yield and bioactive compounds content (anthocyanin, flavonoid, polyphenol and tannin) of Pouzolzia zeylanicaplant. The results showed that different nitrogen fertilizer levels had significant effects (P < = 0.05) on leave color, yield and content of bioactive compounds of this plant. At the level of 20 kg urea/1000 m2, the leaves had red-purple color and the obtained a* value was 8.06; the index of chlorophyll SPAD was 38.36; the yield was 1.64 ton/1000 m2, and the content of bioactive compounds was higher than other nitrogen fertilizer levels. The contents of anthocyanin, flavonoid, polyphenol and tannin were 0.296 mg CE/g dried material (DM), 5.03 mg QE/g DM, 15.54 mg GAE/g DM and 10.05 mg TAE/g DM, respectively.

Keywords: Bioactive compounds, Color of leaves, Nitrogen fertilizer level, Pouzolzia zeylanica plant

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