Cang H. Mai * , Nguyen H. Nguyen , Giao T. Huynh , & y T. N. Le

* Correspondence: Mai Huynh Cang (email:

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This study examined factors affecting on chlorophyll extraction from Egyptian Luffa leaf for using as food colorant. Optimal conditions for chlorophyll extraction were ethanol 96% for 97 minutes at 49oC and extraction speed at 123 rpm. The quality of extracts was investigated for microorganisms, heavy metals andantioxidant activity by using the DPPH (2-2-diphenyl-1- DPPH ) method. The free radical scavenging activities of extract presented by the IC50 value was 261,7 μg/mL.

Keywords: Chlorophyll, Egyptian Luffa, Egyptian Luffa leaf

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