Loc T. V. Do * , & Chuong V. Nguyen

* Correspondence: Do Tran Vinh Loc (email: vlocnbk@gmail.com)

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Cadmium (Cd) contamination in the soil has been identified as an issue for many districts in An Giang province. This study aimed to (i) assess the status of content Cd in soil using cultivation in An Phu district, An Giang province, (ii) investigate the influence of liming and cocopeat on reducing the absorption of Cd to peanut. The single-factor experiment was designed in a completely random block (4 treatments and 4 replicates). Treatments were based on the amount of lime and cocopeat fertilizers for peanut crops, specifically as follows: liming (5 tonnes/ha); cocopeat (5 tonnes/ha); combine lime (5 tonnes/ha) with cocopeat (5 tonnes/ha); control (no lime, cocopeat). The results showed that all soil samples used for peanut cultivation were highly Cd contaminated (from 235 to 240 μg/kg). The treatment combination of lime (5 tonnes/ha) with cocopeat (5 tonnes/ha) reduced the level of Cd in peanuts (from 34% to 19%). The combination treatments lime and cocopeat had the lowest Cd contaminations compared to other treatments. The average levels of Cd in the peanut body and nut were 81.0μg/kg and 27 μg/kg respectively. It can be concluded that liming combined with cocopeat can be the most suitable treatment for reducing Cd contamination in peanut cultivation.

Keywords: An Phu district, Cadmium, Cocopeat, Liming, Peanuts

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