Dat T. Huynh * , Thien H. Nguyen , Ngan T. K. Nguyen , Anh T. N. Dang , Thuy T. Le , Dan T. N. Duong , & Huan T. Phan

* Correspondence: Huynh Tien Dat (email: dat.huynhtien@hcmuaf.edu.vn)

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Betalains in red beetroot (Beta vulgaris L.) offer health benefits and are commonly used as a food colorant. This study aimed to investigate betalains extraction using ultrasound-assisted enzymatic extraction (UAEE). The most significant factors involved in UAEE such as enzyme concentration, extraction temperature, and extraction time were studied and optimized using the response surface method (RSM) to achieve the highest betalains yield. The results showed that the optimal extraction conditions were as follows: enzyme concentration (32.1 U/mL), extraction temperature (40oC), and extraction time (117 min) gave the highest yield of betalains at the level of 550.51 ± 25.76 mg/L. The findings are promising for the industrial scale of extraction betalains for food applications.

Keywords: Betalains, Red beetroot, Response surface method, Ultrasound-assisted enzymatic extraction

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